The internally giant smoking Mount Merapi is one of the active volcanoes found in Indonesia, presenting its peaceful and sleepy dense forest. Beyond this, there lies a vast deserted land with its deep and steep valley spread out among the mountain hills where sibilant pines and wild grass make out the dominating vegetation, all presents a very exciting panorama. During its resting time of volcanic activities, it will enable those who have

much interest in mountaineering to have fun and to make them more acquainted with the flora of its tropical rain forest. From the observation post located on Plawangan hill that can be reached through the forest resort of Kaliurang, you will see the incredible sights of molten rocks oozing over the rim, sometimes accompanied with hot lava pouring out regularly and leaving a long trail of smoke.

Mount Merapi is 2.920 m above sea level with an average temperature of about 10 degrees Celcius and a difference in temperature between noon and night of 15 - 16 degrees Celcius. At present this resort is provided with an out standing and modern Golf Course, which is setting on 800 meters of sea level. This 18 holes, par 72 course is opened to the public and located only 30 minutes from the city of Yogyakarta.


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