To get to Krakal beach you have to pass Wonosari the capital of the Gunungkidul Regency, about 38 km from Yogyakarta. The winding and mountainous road is well asphalt. Krakal is about 21 km, from Wonosari, located some 7 km east from the road that branches off the main road to Baron, crossing limestone hills with their harsh appearance, alternated with terraced rocks which all present a blend of very enchanting scenery.

Geologists say that a long time ago, this place was below sea level. In the remaining coral bed, many fossils can still be found. Among all the beaches that stretch along the coast of Java, Krakal with -its white sandy beach surrounded with mountainous rocky hills is the most beautiful one.

Meanwhile, the battering of its gigantic waves in a mass of white foam gives more enchantment to this beach. It has enchanted many tourism planning experts from foreign countries. They suggest that it should be prepared as a beach resort, particularly for foreign tourists ( like Tourist Resort Nusa Dua in Bali ). Their interest in exploring Krakal is supported by its attractive potentials such as: a sloping and white sandy beach stretching out for about 5 km. There is always warm sun-shine from dawn until twilight during the whole dry and rainy season. The sea wind always blows softly. As a whole, it is most suitable for sun- bathing. It also offers a very hue and multicolored marine growth.

Krakal is close to Kukup beach and Baron cove. This cove is in fact an estuary of an underground river that comes up exactly at the water-front. It is interesting to observe the combination of the beach and the cove from the protruding rocky hills that flank the caves on both sides.


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