Kiskendo Cave is located in the Menoreh mountain, Kulon Progo Regency. The area lies + 700 m above sea level, so that the air there is cool and fresh. The panorama of its environment is beautiful indeed. To the east, vast lowlands extending around the Progo river can be admired and to the south, vaguely, the Indian Ocean.

This cave can be reached by motor bikes or cars. But those using big vehicles ( big buses ) are advised to stop at the Kecamatan ( district ) Girimulyo and to proceed by smaller vehicles because of the narrow road. Along the way to the cave the beautiful view of the mountainous area and the terraced rice field are beautiful sight.

Apart from the stalagmites clinging to the roof and mounting from the floor of the cave, it is said that the cave treasures a well known legend about the fight between Mahesasura, Lembusura and Jathasura against Sugriwa and Subali.

This story is depicted by relief made in front of the cave. In connection with above story, inside the Kiskendo cave local people belief the presence of several places as being the remainders of Sekandang Kingdom, among others:

Santri Tani and Subali meditation places, Selumbung (royal food storage), Kraton Sekandang (centre of the Kingdom), Selansur (hiding place of royal soldiers during the fight between Subali againt Mahesasura and Lembusura; this place can only be reached by crawling ) and Sumelong (a hole through the roof of the cave the escape of Subali from the cave because Sugriwa has blocked the entrance of the cave).



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